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Birthday Party Celebration
Want to have a PARTY?
Is it your Favorite TE's Birthday?
Or your own Birthday? LET'S CELEBRATE!!
Let's get your Party started!!

Your special Birthday Party all planned for you!
Provide the Date(s) and Guest List...
up to 30 Traffic Exchanges can be included.


Schedule Your Birthday Party Here:
The Hosting Birthday Site and 4 Guest Sites will be scheduled per day.

GRAND PRIZE: $5.00 Paid to Winner's Account
5 x $1.00 Winners
Paid to Winners' Account
*10 participating sites will have 2 Grand Prize winners
15 sites will have 3 Grand Prizes, etc.

Enter your referral link(s) for each Traffic Exchange you are inviting
this referral link will be used on all promotional material.
*Please list the Site Hosting The Birthday Party first
and then list the Guest TEs.

Schedule A Party
Host Site Referral Link
Date(S) Requested/Party Name


*If paying with Payza, please contact Kay on Skype: frsprt21462
with Referral URL & Date for each TE after payment is processed.


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